Start from the Finish: The Warp Speed Approach to Successful Construction

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What do we mean when we say “start from the finish?” We use this phrase to help clients understand how we keep construction projects on track, both in time and expense. It is also a way for projects to move at the “warp speed” that the marketplace requires today. Delays and budget issues are, sadly, widespread in the world of life sciences construction. Based on a January 2021 study by Turner & Townsend, roughly 70% of construction projects surpass their budget by an average of 15%. Additionally, projects tend to overrun their schedule by an average of four months. Overspending and delays usually result from failing to effectively anticipate the time and resources required to complete utility, mechanical, process piping, electrical, and plumbing (MEPP) installations and other activities like associated commissioning, qualification, and validation (CQV). By “starting from the finish,” we leverage our team of skilled personnel, using proven procedures and a blend of industry-standard and proprietary tools to anticipate, communicate, and surpass clients’ expectations. Today, this method is critically vital as projects move faster than ever — with stingier tolerances and little room for error. Our approach is the industry’s expectation.

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Cost and schedule controls start with a well-defined process for managing scope — including sequence of approvals, documentation, and schedule impact. The key is explicitly understanding where the budget and schedule stand at any point. Identify feasible risks beforehand and be ready with turnover plans A project’s risk register can recognize the level of transparency your project team delivers. Good risk management practices demand notes of all distinguished risks to plan ahead. When identified early, you can develop and communicate appropriate solutions. Where required, comprehensive mitigation plans are drafted with trade partner collaboration after examining potential avenues with the project’s team — including the construction manager and commissioning agent. Early involvement in a commissioning and turnover plan establishes a shared expectation of quality regarding project scope, deliverables, activities, and milestones for operational readiness. Details like turnover packages and system manuals are discussed, shared among all project stakeholders upfront, and established in the commissioning and project timeline. The crescent demands of life sciences have influenced the industry as a whole, and construction is no exception. To work at warp speed, the whole team has to commit. And the most reliable way to make that happen is by starting from the finish.

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