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CONSTRUCTION Project management

We specialize in details and working with professionals to get exceptional work done.

Property Management Services

Trusted by discerning architects, landlords, and real estate professionals.

Mechanical Technician

The Mechanical Technician assumes a high level of responsibility as they are typically involved with the generation, distribution and use of energy. They specialize in the maintenance, design, layout and performance of machines and equipment in your household. More importantly, the air conditioning systems. It’s no secret how essential cold ventilation is in our Miami homes and how frustrating it becomes to experience the loss of air.

Service includes:

  • Maintenance, repair, replacement or installation of ventilation systems
  • Heating, cooling, bath vents and wood stoves
  • Installation, alteration or repair of gas piping between the meter, an appliance or other equipment, including all liquefied petroleum gas piping.

Electrical Technician

We are living in a world run by electricity. The essential component of an electrician is that they are responsible for bringing power into our domains and lighting up our world. While keeping us out of danger from malfunctioning sockets and hanging wires, Electricians adjust the indoor temperature to satisfy our comfort level, power TV’s, computers and all the accessories that facilitate our lives.

Service Includes :

The repair, replacement or installation of power switches, fuses, wall sockets, ceiling lights, ceiling fans, climate control systems, garage doors openers, electronic installation and repairs.

Plumbing Technician

When you find yourself faced with a leaky faucet or pipe, lost a valuable item down the drain, need new piping to accommodate an upgrade, our technicians are qualified and capable. They are often not in mind until an unforeseen issue occurs along with a moment of despair.

Service includes:

The repair, replacement or installation of faucets, pipes, hot water tanks, toilets, garbage disposals, dishwashers, water-dispensing refrigerators, and washing machines.

Information Technology

With the introduction of computers, our lives have drastically changed forever. Our business and personal lives are primarily managed using computer software systems to ensure that everything operates smoothly. We are continuously upgrading software and hardware programs to consistently augment the speed in which we operate. However, we do not all comprehend how any of it works. Most of us follow the instructions on the pop-up window and proceed to the next step. But what happens when our systems involuntarily shut down, gets a virus, malfunctions or worse, collapses? Our Information Technology personnel will handle any and all computer related repair, upgrades, software installations, advise on hardware purchases and maintenance for your business and personal date development.

Service includes:

  • Repairing and maintenance of computer and server.
  • Building or configuring new hardware.
  • Installing and updating software packages, and creating and maintaining computer networks.

Drywall Construction & Repair

We know the devil is in the details. We also know, home owners are entirely aware of all the detailed imperfections on their walls due the movement of furniture, mere accidents, or simply part of having joyful kids running around the house. Eventually, leaving these defects to inhabit your walls will significantly depreciate the elegance of your space.

Service includes:

Filling in small holes and cracks on the walls caused by nails and minor dings from normal wear and tear.

Upholstery fabric dry cleaning

Our wardrobe plays a vital role in our daily lives. It is an iconic representation of our individual identities and we use this tool consistently to impress others as well as ourselves. In order to do so, our clothes must remain in exquisite conditions. How better to accomplish this than through our personal dry cleaning service?

Service includes:

  • Pick-up, transportation and delivery of garments.
  • Responsible for dry cleaning and wet cleaning garments.
  • Inspection of all garments for stains
  • Perform stain removal

Personal Chef

The food we consume is the fundamental source to fuel our bodies and our minds. We do not achieve healthy nutrition without the proper education to carry out what our bodies need. It seems we lack the time to learn or simply refuse to put in the effort. A Personal Chef will cater to your taste, save you time and energy and guide you towards a healthy lifestyle.

Service includes:

  • Pre-made, delivered meals ready for heating or in-home, full-time meal preparation of a selection of various cuisines
  • Range of meal categories
  • Preparation of custom meal requests & accommodation of specific diets to meet overall health requirements or personal fitness goals

Appliance Repair

Living in the 21st century is fast paced, facilitated and convenient. All of the classical and basic house chores have been handed over to our friendly gadgets and appliances. From the helpful machinery that washes our clothes to the essential food warming microwaves and cooking stoves, we depend on these items on a daily basis to live effortlessly. Their maintenance is imperative for proper functionality in order to prolong each machines life span.

Service includes:

  • Repair, replacement or installation of major household appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, range ovens, washers and dryers, hot water tanks, and air conditioners

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